Ne|W - The Flexible Needle Winding Platform

Ne|W is the newest solution created by MARSILLI for needle winding technology. 

It may seem impossible, or maybe simply difficult, however our engineers have come up with many innovative solutions for this widespread winding technology. The result is a new concept something that goes way beyond the popular standard machine concept in terms of flexibility and re-configurability. 
That is why we called it Platform, because it is dynamic, flexible and always different, as are our client needs.

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Straight Slot Stator
Skewed Slot Stator

The wire guide is 90° tilting (90° for needle winding processes and 0° for wire routing).

The wire guide can also perform a further tilting motion (0°, 90°, 135°) to allow wire routing on the bottom of the stator too.



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The system is conceived to guarantee the maximum flexibility and configurability.
A parametrical data management allows: 

  • error proofing (anti-collision) on needle trajectory
  • choice of the optimized trajectory
  • no mechanical adjustment in case the number of teeth per stator change
  • teach-in mode capability