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There are now thousands of systems that have been manufactured and distributed all over the world that use this technology as the core.
It includes two main categories that are based on the configuration of the product and the different production methods “spindle winding” and “flyer winding”.

To meet the production rhythm which is usually required in the industry the winding process is executed on several spindles simultaneously which work in parallel on the same machine.
In fact our product portfolio includes machines that go from a single spindleup to 24 spindles.
Marsilli produces a wide range of multi-spindle and multi-flyer machines, using wire size from 0,02 to 2,5 mm up to 25.000 RMP.

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Coil Winding and Assembly Experience

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Coil Winding and Assembly Technologies

Some of our technologies for the coil industry
  • Fast
Coil Preparation
Coil Winding
  • Spindle
  • Flyer
Wire Connection Technologies
  • Electrical Tests
  • Mech. Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Visual Tests
Other Assembly Processes

Focus on Coil Winding Technologies