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The value of a company depends on its traditional and intangible assets. Marsilli can be defined as rich, vital and competitive because it’s “human capital” allows us to innovate, because people’s skills and know-how combine to determine the value and capacity to compete on the market – relationships established with clients and the market become a company asset.

Every day people come to work with their individual characteristics: intelligence, energy, positive attitude, reliability, flexibility and commitment, and together with all that ...the will to learn with of course common sense... in other words to be "street smart" and practical as well as creative. In this environment we want to share and learn from our mistakes and this allows us to be a great team working together towards the same target.

Personnel Split

Production 41%
Design & Engineering 22%
Sales 8%
Service & Spare parts 8%
R&D 7%
Project Management 5%
Purchasing & Logistics 5%
Accounting & Financing 4%

Our People


Application Engineer

"When you join the MARSILLI team, it's like being part of a family, we support each other, collaborate as a winning team does "


"I am surrounded by top level professionals who work with enthusiasm to design and provide cutting edge products, and have the chance to learn from them every day."

Mechanical Engineer

Our People


Chief mechanical assembly

“ I see my collegues as a great orchestra made up of professionals who seemingly to play solo, but as soon as you move away you can feel the harmony and see the bigger picture which is the project.”


“Passion is the sentiment that best describes the way we work, design, build relationships, and it is the very passion that drives us and makes the final result different.”

Project Manager

Work with Us

"Engrossing, rewarding and very high-tech" These are some of the words that people use to describe their work in MARSILLI.
As an employee you are encouraged to put all your passion and creativity into what you do. Work with passion and think out of the box!
No matter what your role is, you are part of a team, of a company whose target is to be the reference point for their business in the world.

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