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MARSILLI stands out not only for its high efficiency and high machine quality but also for its excellent After Sales Service.
It is a priority for us to offer assistance to our clients after the system has been delivered. The fundamental purpose is the preservation and efficiency of the machine in time. This allows our systems to last a long time and when needed be reconditioned for a different generation of products.
Our personnel is trained internally in order to ensure that the service assistance is carried out by staff who has specific knowledge of the system. That is why we can safely say that they are experts ready to respond promptly and are geographically located in our client’s production areas.
Marsilli Service can intervene anywhere in the world thanks to its 8 different locations and ensure minimum machine downtime and remote on-line troubleshooting.

From our point of view… this is quality indeed.

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+39 0374 355 434
Technical Support

Close to you!

Our Service centers are stategically located worldwide.

Italy – Germany – US – Mexico – Brasil – India – China– UK

Main Service Dept. Tasks

Our Service Department carries out many tasks, the following are just some of the main ones.

Equipment Refurbishment


The fundamental purpose of Marsilli Service Dept. is the preservation of the machine and its efficiency in time.

Even after 30 years.

In fact, one of the main tasks of Marsilli Service Dept. is the Equipment Refurbishment:

  • Analysis in order to improve the cycle time and the overall quality of the final product
  • Refurbishment of more than 30 years old machines
  • Complete Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic refurbishment and their various controls
  • Refurbishment to increase equipment uptime, performance and efficiency
  • 12 months warranty on refurbishment

Give your old Marsilli machine new light: update it.

Don’t wait until the problems* occur.


*If your machine has reached a certain age, you can experience:

  • discontinued components & spare parts
  • programming issues
  • mechanical breakdowns
  • production issues