Our Test&Lab

In Marsilli we are strongly convinced that Co-design is absolutely fundamental: it allows us to work closely with customers from the onset, to fully understand their needs and their vision of it all. In doing so we analyse and study a truly tailor made solution, which is perfectly suited to customer’s production needs which in turn is mutually satisfying.

Today our Test and Lab is the heart of the company: in fact both prototypes for new technologies and feasibility tests for critical processes which are carried for our customers come through here. Our aim is to recommend technological solutions which we know to be perfect, that’s why we test them all – first.

Product optimization and capabilities

The experience that Marsilli has achieved over the years in the field of coils and motors allows us to support the client in the development and optimization of their product.
In fact many of our clients from the onset take advantage of our Lab to start a CO-DESIGN collaboration which ends in an effective Product Design.

We scrupulously study the most delicate production processes through extensive testing and careful analysis before proposing any (new) technical solution. This way we are sure of offering the best solution.

Another possibility we offer is to produce here at Marsilli small batches of parts before mass production starts up.

Coil and Motor Winding


As worldwide experts in winding technologies, you will have access to our complete portfolio of winding solutions: from spindle to flyer for coils and motor and for your motor projects also our top-notch needle winding tech.

Wire connection


Our wide experience in this critical processes is an incredible added value especially during the product optimization.

Advanced automation


Thanks to our advanced automation capabilities you will have the possibility to produce here in our Lab small batches of parts before mass production starts up.

3D printing


We all know how is important today to reduce time to market, for this reason, we can offer you different services as the in-house 3d printing for sampling and prototyping.

Our Lab Processes

Spindle Winding
Flyer Winding
Needle Winding
3D Printing Samples

Welding and Soldering
Wire Bonding with Joule Effect
Wire Bonding with Hot Air
Electrical Tests
Functional Tests

Mechanical Tests
Pull Test
Cross Section Analysis
Wire Stripping
Innovative Press