We have been working for over 80 years standing out for our research and technological innovations in coil and motor winding and assembly systems, where precision, flexibility and customization are mandatory. This has allowed us to reach a global consolidated position as a solution provider for factory automation covering different industries such as automotive, appliances, electromechanical applications, RFID, consumer electronics, and more.

We have developed in depth and ground breaking expertise in all the assembly processes which have a winding phase as the core.

Designing, assembling and delivering equipment with a unique passion, we provide absolutely reliable solutions together with outstanding quality and are a recognized worldwide leader in our market.


and production systems installed worldwide in the last 15 years


covered by Marsilli

10Service Depts.

Strategically located worldwide
Italy (2) – Germany – US (2) – Mexico – Brazil – India – China (2)


organic growth only


Thanks to our long and deep experience we can support you, whatever your project is.

We daily work together with companies operating in several markets: automotive, appliances, electromechanical applications, RFID, consumer electronics and many more.


    Thanks to our 30 years experience in winding, assembly, process control and complete traceability, we are the partner you need for your product development and mass production system for high performance motor applications (not only for electric and hybrid vehicles).


    We provide this market with high performance products, efficient and energy saving, supporting product development in any phase: prototype, pre-series, and mass production.


    From small sensors to complete contactors, we provide the market with a wide range of “stand alone” machines and assembly systems.

  • RFID

    This technology is currently used for access control, labeling, animal identification and many other functions. We already cover all of them and even the future’s one, with our precise technology that can handle your tiny products.


    We have experience in the challenge of full reliability and extreme miniaturization in applications for this extremely rapid and changing market, always looking for innovative technologies.


    Thanks to our complete portfolio of solutions for coils and motors, we can support you in all your project and in any phase: prototype, pre-series, or mass production. Whatever is the final application.