Company Statement of 24th February 2020

Castelleone, 24/02/2020

In relation to the Coronavirus COVID 19 infection, Marsilli S.p.A. informs that:

  • Personnel from areas considered to be at risk of infection (“red areas”) are NOT present in the company.
  • For increasing the safety level, Marsilli S.p.A. has implemented additional procedures with respect to what has been suggested by the competent authorities.
  • Marsilli S.p.A. is in constant contact with the medical-health authorities in order to promptly comply with any additional requests.

We also inform you that currently all activities in our operations are taking place regularly and without any slow-down.

Marsilli S.p.A. undertakes to promptly communicate any significant evolution of the situation.

Thanks for your attention

Marsilli S.p.A.