Company Statement of 3rd March 2020

Castelleone, 03/03/2020

In relation to the Coronavirus COVID 19 infection, Marsilli S.p.A. informs that:

  • All company activities take place regularly and are not slowed down.
  • On-site technical assistance is regularly carried out where possible, in compliance with your internal provisions and those of the competent authorities.
  • Our production lines and machines are all set up for remote assistance. We can therefore guarantee the necessary support regardless of the restrictions in force.

We also inform you that:

  • Personnel from areas considered to be at risk of infection (“red areas”) are NOT present in the company.
  • For greater security, Marsilli S.p.A. has implemented additional procedures with respect to what is suggested by the competent authorities.

Our goal is to protect the health of our employees, customers and the community.

To contain the virus, since the outbreak began, we have taken the following actions:

  • A Company committee for the handling of this emergency has been set up, which includes, in addition to the CEO himself, all department Managers.
  • Strict follow-up of the government and health authority’s guidelines regarding the obligation of confinement and self-isolation within the areas concerned;
  • Introduced the status of quarantine where necessary;
  • Maintained constant dialogue with our staff to report any illness related to themselves or their closest family members;
  • Provided our employees with additional protective devices, including masks, gloves, sanitizing devices;
  • A temperature control procedure has been introduced to all people entering and during the working day;
  • Trained our employees to prevent Coronavirus, created a series of communication channels to promote important hygiene messages;
  • Full and immediate compliance with central and local government instructions is guaranteed.

We wish to confirm our utmost commitment to guarantee your business during this particularly challenging period.

Yours sincerely

Marsilli S.p.A.

The Management