Marsilli WebinarTech #1

Enjoy our first WebinarTech for India’s Automotive market

We are proud to announce our WebinarTech format! The first event is thought for the Automotive market in India and it will take place on June 22 at 3.00 PM IST. Of course, the registration is free of charge.

But let’s see more in detail the focus of this first Webinar.

India’s Automotive market is following a clear path toward an electric future. More and more OEMs and TIERs have started local production of components to support the new rising supply chain. Among these components, e-motors play a crucial role in the success of Automotive electrification projects.

In this webinar titled “Advanced Motor Winding Solutions for Automotive Electrification in India“, Kumar Rajasekhara, CEO of Marsilli North America with almost 40 years of experience in the coil winding industry, and Chithambaran P.R., Sales Manager at Marsilli India, will hold a technical presentation on the principal winding solutions available in Marsilli’s portfolio for motor production projects.

The webinar focuses on crucial concepts for automotive motor producers, such as high filling factor and production automation. It explains the main features of the different motor winding technologies, their functioning and their differences to help the audience understand what solution best fits specific motor production needs.

Contact us for further details, it will be our pleasure to help you.

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