We are pleased to inform you of an exciting development: Marsilli North America is relocating to a new office space!

The current space has well served the MNA operations for some 25+ years, but there was a need to right-size and modernize MNA HQ to better reflect the Marsilli brand. Rather than renovate the current facility, we opted for a new, modern location, not far from the current one, which offers more customization possibilities, and a quick reboot.

The new office is set in a tech-savvy, corporate environment surrounded by greenery, where we will have more networking opportunities with other like-minded companies. The offices are very bright and designed to encourage more frequent and meaningful collaboration among our team.  We will have the right space to host courses and seminars, with a large meeting room. 

The new location is located in the township of Columbia, Maryland, centrally located between Baltimore and Washington, DC.  It offers easy access to all 3 major airports in the area.

MNA has been in its current location for so many years that it is bitter-sweet to move. Nevertheless, it is very exciting to create and occupy a new space modeled on today’s needs.

Please take note of our new address for all future correspondence:

8601 Robert Fulton Drive #145

Columbia, MD 21046-2561

Key Dates:

Final Day at Current Address: April 30th, 2024
Operational Day at New Address: May 1st, 2024

Our phone number hasn’t changed. You can still find us at +1 410 654 2425

We are looking forward to welcome you in the new location!

Your Marsilli North America team