Reporting Channel – Whistleblowing

The process of reporting facts that violate laws, Codes, Policies and Company Procedures is an act of responsibility that Marsilli wishes to encourage. It is therefore paramount to create an environment where each stakeholder feels protected should they wish to report actions, facts and behaviour that violate applicable regulations, Company Codes, Policies and Procedures.

Marsilli provides a secure communication channel consisting of a dedicated IT platform that allows for the submission of a report in confidential mode, without the need for registration by the reporting person. The communication channel, therefore, gives the reporting person the option to maintain absolute anonymity.

The reporting person, through this platform, will be able to choose the Group company and then the Competent Body to which to send the report, to choose whether to send a report in oral or written form, and finally, whether to make themselves identifiable or remain anonymous.

Whistleblowing Procedure by Marsilli S.p.A.

Instructions for the Whistleblower channel